Easing the End-of-Life Transition

Every life is marked by birth and death. Each stage is a transition and each act requires care and attention to the person and families affected. With compounding for Hospice patients, Nigehban Compounding Pharmacy is honored to be part of end-of-life care that respects the dignity and individuality of each patient and seeks to fill their needs in a way that allows for the best care possible.

The final stages of an illness are a difficult time for patients and their loved ones. At the heart of the Hospice philosophy is the belief that each and every one of us should be able to die with as much dignity and as little pain as possible.

Working with a patient’s physician, our compounding pharmacists can help relieve and manage symptoms in a way that are very specific to each patient since we know that no two patients are ever the same.

Personalized, compounded medications can help patients deal with complications from:

Unique drug combinations can be prepared to allow patients to live more comfortably and keep the number of medications to a minimum. Because of the difference in a patient’s body size, drug tolerance or possible organ failures, compounding helps personalize medication in a way that commercially produced products cannot.

Compounded medication can also help with the administration of a medications so that a patient who is unable to swallow may be given a topical version of what they need so that the medicine is absorbed through the skin, provides relief and also helps avoid problems like stomach upset.

Taking care of a loved one is difficult enough without having to worry about medication. Talk with your doctor or one of our pharmacists about the possibility of compounding to see if it is right for your loved one. As with every stage of life, we want to and will be there.

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