Diabetic Compounding

NIGEHBAN COMPOUNDING Pharmacy can help you manage your diabetes.

At NIGEHBAN Compounding Pharmacy we are committed to helping our diabetic patients manage their self-care. We truly believe that we can help improve our patient's lives through choices, knowledge and support. That is way we have a special section in our pharmacy dedicated to diabetic patients.

At NIGEHBAN COMPOUNDING Pharmacy you can find all of your medications and supplies as well as meal planners, nutritional literature, and diabetes wellness brochures. But most importantly, you will find our knowledgeable, caring pharmacists to support and encourage you each time you walk through our door or call for information.

And when you need help of a more serious nature, such as circulation, wound healing or pain management, our specialized compounding pharmacists are available to work with you and your physician to prepare custom-made medications to meet your needs.

Have a question or like some more information? Talk to one of our friendly compounding pharmacists on +92 2136038816-17 or email us

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