Veterinary Compounding

Solutions To Your Medication Problems

We know that giving medicine to an animal can be pretty challenging sometimes! Whether you‘re working with household pets, exotics or zoo animals. We can provide you with dosage, flavor and size appropriate medication solutions that are unique to the animal kingdom.

Need A Different Dosage Form?

We can compound:

Pick A Flavor!

Animals appreciate flavors as much as humans do. We can flavor your patients‘ medication in a wide variety of flavors depending on the animal and taste preferences. How about beef, chicken, liver or cheese for dogs? Salmon, tuna and sardine for cats? Tutti frutti and banana for birds? How about apples and caramel for horses? Raspberry for a rodent? And, many more choices. We also can add color to medications to make them more appealing to specific animals.

The Right Size

Some animal medicines are available only in one tablet size, making it difficult sometimes for an animal to swallow. We can compound dosage forms that are just the right size for your patient. Do you need a concentrated dosage for a small animal or bird? We can compound the medication into the smaller increment needed, or concentrate a medication for larger animals.

In cases where your patient may require more than one medication, we can work with the veterinarian to combine more than one drug into a single dosage. This makes it more convenient for the owner to administer.

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